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Groups Messenger (Under development)

Groups Messenger, the successor of LOF Messenger is now under development. With this project, we have created our own servers instead of telegram clone (Which was the case with LOF Messenger). As we are developing this from scratch, we have the full control over what we can do. This ultimately means we can offer really awesome features and take the security features to new horizons.


Tentative list of Features :

  1. End to End encryption

  2. In-Chat Commands to create banners and similar stuffs

  3. Natively Create HTML applets in the chat window

  4. Hide Identity in the group if the admin allows (device id will not be logged)

  5. Instatly change the user's chat name (But can maintain logs with the device id)

  6. Customizible GUI, users can create their own chat GUI with CSS

  7. and even more

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