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LOF AI - Delayed Release

The LOF AI Android app was previously announced to be released by September 25, but due to techinical reasons and debugging it is expected to be delayed by at least two weeks...

Based on the responses and suggestions from the closed beta testing team, the developers have planned to create a completely new programming language (Going to be a mash up of java and python - featuring syntaxes for training the AI). So any one can learn this Coding Language and custom train their local AI, share codes within the app's community.

So the developers are now working on the algorithms that allow the AI to learn from the custom coding language, and on the community pages (GUI and backend programming for the community pages and the advanced users of the app). Advanced users can take advantage of the custom programming AI and customize it to do specific jobs with natural speech processing and the numbers based AI Algorithm. Advanced features include - Teaching the AI from a CSV, Removing a specific path link (Deleting AI's response), modifying responses for a specific questions, and etc.

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