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Meet Time App

Manage all your meetings - Join with the click of a single button...

Meet Time app helps you to stay organized with your meetings, upload your timetable, sent to you by the organizer, either by pasting the link or by scanning the QR code with the app. Import once and use it any number of times for recursive meetings. The app checks your timetable and if you have a meeting to be attended, it will show the “LIVE MEETING” Banner, and you can simply get to the lobby of your meeting by clicking the “Join Now” button on the side of it.

Meeting Hosts:

You can create your own timetables with your schedules, by clicking the “Create Timetable” button, Enter the starting time, the ending time, and link for the meeting, the app supports a wide range of apps and links, ZOOM, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and similar meeting platforms. The app is also compactable with regular links (Links of websites). Sign in with your Google account to Create and share your timetables, On successful export of a timetable, the app will generate a QR Code and a sharable link, this QR Code can be Shared or Printed. People with the link can enter it in the app and import, can scan the QR Code to add that timetable to their app.

This app is completely free, for both personal and commercial purposes.

*Requires Internet Connection* for exporting and importing timetables.


1. Easily import timetables with a link

2. Scan QR codes to import timetables

3. LIVE Meeting banner will be shown if your current timetable has a meeting going on

4. Join all your scheduled meeting according to your timetable with the click of a button

5. Create your own timetables from scratch and share them with others as a link or as a QR Code

6. Edit existing timetables

7. Save drafts and export finally

8. Check your events with a well-organized timetable with GUI

9. Meet progress bar will show the progress of your current meeting

10. Have multiple timetables at once and switch between them easily

App Created by Dominic Walter for LOF the Lab of Future


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