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Security update - unlocking next realm of security in Encryptor App

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Security update - unlocking next realm of security in Encryptor app

Encryptor update - version 2

Minor bug fixes and added support for in-app updates, takes our apps security to the next level, with dynamic updates and features change keep away potential hackers. And this helps up improve the app and add new features, without pushing it through google play updates each time we release a new feature.

Bugs fixed :

  • Bug that killed the Encryptor result window on jumping directly into decryption window is fixed

  • Bad base-64 error causing bugs fixed

  • Persistent text and password in the text boxes on window change, now on shifting windows these fields will be clear automatically.

Features Added :

  • In-app Password salting algorithm.

  • Internal features updating systems

  • App’s persistent memory (encryption and decryption history) will now store only encrypted data, so even if some other app bypass to the data, they cannot render anything useful out of it.


User cannot use the old QR codes generated with the older versions of this app but in future, apps with version 2.1 and above will be compatible with any QR codes (even the QR code generated with a old version of the app). Also users cannot decrypt old messages made with generated with the old app version, same features as QR code compatibility will be applicable here for the future versions. But the app will convert the old generations into the latest Version if the user maintains history feature of the app(if app history is cleared, this feature won’t work). All these are the steps to increase the security standards.

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