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Updates - Security Patch Update

Certificate Verification Systems in our apps :

All our old apps have been updated with the new security patch implementing the trust certificates verification system, after successful beta testing for 4 months, which enables us to have more control over the app distribution, specially the apps that needed to be downloaded through the app markets.

We ensure that only genuine users join our app community making our user community secured and giving our users a feel that they are special. This updates will be implemented as the user update our apps or automatically if the user install it on or after November 2020. Also a more secured and tricky version of the same will be used with the in-house softwares.


Patch Features :

=> Trust Certificates will be generated which is a one time process and single file for all the apps

=> Certificates are encrypted and hence cannot be understood and duplicated

=> In a special version of this system which are implemented on the in-house apps (only meant to be used by the members and developers of LOF Labs) in which these certificates will expire on suspicious activity (on pirating activity or any other ways of hacking) and the users will get it renewed automatically if no such activities are recorded.

=> Certificates are generated based on the device’s specifications and hence unique on devices

=> Even cannot be faked by emulation on virtual machines, I.e copying the certificate file and running a custom built virtual machine with every aspect same as that of the parent device (the device for which the original certificates were generated )will even fail.



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