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Ne - 10 pen

Publisher : Lab Of Future

Price : Free

Qr - 879771692.png

Scan this following QR Code by clicking import in the app

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Pen strokes being created by the users can be shared with the pen maker online community directly from the app. The app has an algorithm that can make a Qr code containing the program for the pen that the user made.

These QR codes can be published in the community pages, for other users to use. The pen can be imported from the app to the app or online community to the app by clicking import and scanning the QR code with the app's inbuilt QR code Scanner.


This pen maker app will decode the qr code and will implement the extracted program in to the app directly. These pens can all be stored/saved directly in the app by clicking save button in the pen settings, and can be used by clicking choose pen and select the pen from the list of saved pens.

Official Pen Store - LOF Labs


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September 23, 2020 at 1:03:58 AM

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