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Pen Maker App

After two months of development and 2 weeks of Internal closed beta testing, finally, the pen maker app is being released in the Google play store.

The Pen Maker App is the advanced version of the smart notes app (released 5 months ago ), but for creating artworks, instead of notes making. The major difference between the two apps is that the pen maker app is highly optimized for creating artworks and it is very much customizable (the pen strokes have 51 different parameters).

This app has a lot of new features packed in the initial release itself, which are expected to show up in the upcoming updates in the smart notes app too.

This pen maker app has no inbuilt strokes preset in contrast to the notes making app, which comes with an inbuilt of more than 15 different preset strokes

Features :

  • Realtime Canvas Size Changing Feature

  • More than 50 different Stroke settings

  • Save and Reuse Pen Strokes

  • Share your Pen Strokes with others (with QR codes)

  • Canvas Background Image Support

  • Solid Color Canvas Support

  • Import pens from the community page

  • Share your Creations in the Online Gallery

  • and etc...

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